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Jul 2014
I hate you all
So full of confidence
With all made for lust
Cheaters, cursed hearts
Nothing to you matters

You made like this
Proved my worth
My mind, my ***
Made me a *****
Revenge, a cheat
Crushed my love
Worthless, bayed

I can never trust
Never fair
I see your clumsy groping hands
Not just here, but everywhere
Women, never safe, guarded, scared

I take my pleasure
With your grounded bones
My knife in your back
My claws in your guts
Blood on my fangs
I **** from your life
Drain you whole

You are not worth my time
Not worth my heels
You destroyed my ability to love
Untrustful and bitter
Jaded, sour, and *****

I hate you all
Blame you; die
I'll **** you slow
**** your minds
Bind you in leather
Beat you with b' wire
Slaves, you all, to lust

I might have been
I could have done
I cannot trust
I'll have revenge
I'll bleed you dry
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
   ---, r, --- and PC classic
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