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Jul 2014
Falling farther and farther,
Not sure how long it's been,
Wind caresses me in an almost violent manner,
The terror is not the fall,
But when it inevitably ends,
And this life is sure to stop.

These black shadows have darkened,
The yellows, The pinks, and violet hues,
that intertwined in their intricate dance,
Forming such a luminous aura,
Brightening an expansive range,
Warming the souls who inhabit,
The glimmering space,
Now a bleak and desolate void.  

The sounds of the world seem to falter,
All the faces I know now blurred,
Tears stain my cheeks,
The brackish droplets trickle over my lips,
Yet the taste is in my mouth is bitter,
and my existence so cold.
Jadyn Nichole Kilmon
     Lior Gavra and Professor G
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