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Dec 2010
Just walk on in and I won't think twice,
hold me this time and leave again.
Call me your angel of the morning,
and leave me alone this time.
Rumours are always there,
no matter where we turn they surface.
They rip and tear apart the truth,
and the wreck absolutely everything.
It's rumours fault that you're gone,
it's lies fault that you disappear again.
I was holding on so tightly,
and I got attached only to get broken.
I jumped into the arms of someone,
a best friend I wanted to trust and care for me.
But it's because of them, the rumours and lies,
it's because of that we can not see eachother.
Why should we let them dictate?
why should it matter to us ?
If we're happy, who are they to **** in?
If we like how things are, who are they to say 'no'?
This isn't fair, I'm tired of this,
the light turned green and off you went.
But there wasn't anything I could say,
because you have the will to do as you please.
The time we spent together, my darling,
you will never know how much it impacted me.
How much all of this changed my life,
and how hurt I am now to watch you go.
I'm sure we'll see eachother again,
but sweetie, it's not the same, it's not fair.
I get to lay here all alone,
in this cold messed up life.
But I'm tired of all of this *******,
and I'm tired of this awful life.
This is stupid and pointless and rumours,
they mean nothing in reality so why.
Tell me why did you have to leave?
tell me why did you have to go?

People always leave,
prove to me that's not true.
People always leave,
and they're not coming back.
People always leave,
and I'm alone again.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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