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Jun 2014
A couple becomes comfy...comatose
Their coffins carved carefully
At the cost of the cuticles
That cut the cloth concealing the cause of calumny.
Cut with claws
Claus? Santa has no clue
But the paws with the claws came from Cope,
The coyote cub who clubbed with truth.

Palms clasped on Aphrodite's coffee cup
Caffrodite, cups
Cups that carry potential - kinetic, energy,
...Chaos conceived carelessly
A ****** tear

This is the C-Section
No concern...know care
Because you are capable

But soon the caffeine kicks in,
And the common carotid is cooked
Compare now, casualties to cows...
Not so different
Still, the crowd plays casual

So dream of a connection concentrate in a container
And swig
Constrict the fists and relax
To be carried off into the cosmos
Consumed by clouds of gas...

Below are the circus clowns
Coughing, conceiving, creating.
Is it a crime? To be cut off from contemplation?
Akin to Galileo, craniums will roll
While eyes stay still completely

A quiet kiss to the clavicle of our collective cast
Soothes the commotion to
This clamoring performance
A hush to this cacophony
Kira Ferguson
Written by
Kira Ferguson  Vancleave
       Timothy, r, Sia Jane, Kvothe, --- and 6 others
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