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Nov 2010
I'm sitting down here,
I'm sinking, falling, feeling.
I'm surrounded here,
but I feel lonely and concealing.

They don't understand,
this feeling, those thoughts.
They don't see me,
and how I'm getting lost.

It's hard to understand,
I know this to be true.
Not only have I gone through it,
but I saw it happen to you.

Sometimes when you're looking,
from the outside in.
You blame yourself for not realizing,
the hurt and anger within.

But when you're there,
in that situation at that time.
You don't understand your feelings,
how can they be mine?

I look back on these feelings,
on these times in life.
When all I felt was sadness,
the hurt and anger and strife.

And now I really know,
that all you can do is learn.
From the happiness, sadness,
each and every burn.

Life is filled with lessons,
anf here I raise my glass.
I proudly love me for me,
long time, at last.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
   Katrina Kovach and Emily Krol
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