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Nov 2010
I wish you would turn around,
just look and you would see.
You played with my heart,
and left me all alone.

Well until you can tell me,
just what you're thinking.
Until you can stop saying ****,
and see what you're really doing.

Turn around, and treat her right,
no matter who she is.
She's a woman, you're a man,
and you need to learn, hunny.

You can take your friendship,
and shove it up your ***.
Until you can sit down,
and talk it out like a man.

If you have a problem,
it's really not all that hard.
Instead of being a wuss,
try telling her.

Women really aren't that difficult,
as long as you're honest.
So until you can be honest with me,
well, I'm sure you get the ******* idea.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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