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Jun 2014
Hollow is the shell i call my former body, It carries all the aches and pains of a former life.My soul dances to a different beat a different rhythm.
Long are the days i spend in pain, Wishing to be free of my earthly chains.
I'm the one has the body, the shattered remains.
Forms will yet change, the essence remains the same.
I thank whatever gods maybe for my unconquerable soul.
I'm looking at myself, I'm looking through a mirror, a stranger stands before me,Clearly it cannot be me it's a shell of a former self.
They say we shape our own destinies with every turn we take,
Every decision we make, So did i plan my own downfall?.
How do i piece back together my broken life? my broken memories?.
How do  I piece myself back together?.
I do not like the stranger staring back at me, a shell of a former self.
The shadow i see before me is a shell of a former me waiting to rise again,
Like a phoenix from the ashes.

Written 30th May 2014.
Written by
Kelly O'hara  Scarborough
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