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Jun 2014
I drop my pack on the desert sand for a seat, resting my rifle across my knees.
Wiping the sand and sweat from my forehead I see you.
I don't know if we've met yet, but you're all I think about.
I take a drink from my hydration pack
The hot water cools my mouth.
I can still smell the smoke from the Humvee.
I can still see the flames but at least the burnt bodies have
in the distance.
Stretching my shoulders I go over the mission again in my head.
If I complete the mission I might live another day
unlike my brothers.

Live another day, complete another mission.
Live another day, complete another mission.
Live another day, until what?

The cooling, resting idea of death is gripping
I take another sip of water.
Holding up my rifle I peer through the scope for a quick perimeter check.
Nothing in site.

If I complete this mission, I might see you.
I won't see my friends
I won't see my brothers
They're dead.
I might see you tho
Are you real?

Complete the mission for
So are you.

Death is Tangible,
I can already feel it.

Death ceases the
Gun shots
Dead brothers
So much blood

I can start to see your silhouetted figure in the hot desert air.
Just a mirage,
Making something so illusive look tangible.

I don't know your
hair color
favorite movie
or even your name

Still you consume my vision

I may or may not have even met you
And yet I keep fighting for you

I swing my pack across my shoulders and my muscles wince.
I pick up my gun, and checking my GPS I start walking again.
I don't know if I'll make it to you
I'll probably suffer the fate of my brothers
But only then will fate have stopped me

So I carry on the mission, with only your mirage as a companion
Caleb Reeves
Written by
Caleb Reeves  Salt Lake City, UT
(Salt Lake City, UT)   
   --- and Joshua Haines
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