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Nov 2010
your feeling good and making it right
its like everything in this world is doing fine
but all of a sudden your diamonds turns into dime
all of a sudden you lose focus and started a fight

you fell deeply in love and oh so happy
you always knew that she's the one that your going to marry
but all of a sudden your dreams crashes with a lot of baggage to carry
i know you still love her but there are some memories that you need to bury

you saw a bunch of stones that gives you a good idea
as you stack them higher your eyes gets bigger including the cornea
but all of a sudden a small movement trigger everything to crumble and fall
i know you want to start again but you realize that the consequence has a lot of toll

i started a poem with a delightful inspiration
the rhyming was good and words are in good position
but all of a sudden i ran out of words to write
now I'm perspiring i have to bid goodnight
Written by
alvin guanlao
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