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alvin guanlao Aug 2016
I don't know when
but we must be ready
and have you decided
on when to be castrated

don't, hold my hand
we don't show our feelings
and I thought you completed
all of our training

look out the window
soon we'll be able to count all the stars
feel how the wind blow

because tonight, tonight might be the last
for you and i, together we'll fly so far
until we reach the creator of heaven and stars

tonight tonight, we throw our past
for you and i, together we'll die at last
so we can preach our message from heaven we start

and for a little while
we will be reaching on heaven's gate
alvin guanlao Jan 2016
And the rat was never sure about the cheese
smelled it once, smelled it twice and then release
felt something wrong and was never pleased
not sure if it was poisonous but still he rinse
alvin guanlao Dec 2015
You just don't care who might get hurt
or be stained from all the blood and dirt
make way for your monster's birth
threshold limit was reached and so you burst

A new feeling, this is a first
too much energy but can't feel any thirst
you shot friendly fires and so you are cursed
by the people you love but still you burst
sometimes for no particular reason, you just want to burst.
alvin guanlao Dec 2015
As you walk in oxygen depletes
you will be solving puzzles that never complete
you'll be winning to foes that never compete
and will always hear a part of a song that always repeat

gazing into the unreal is a thing to avoid
opening your hands will give you nothing but void
escaping mazes makes you feel like being toyed
it's an endless loop of questions, don't be annoyed

existence, galaxy and everything eternal
this place is heavenly peaceful yet infernal
never thought that you'll be seeing peoples internal
organs. So are the thoughts of you being an abnormal

a part of you will want to stop
but this ain't democracy and decisions are made on top
so you'll overload your mind until it pops
out your brain, but won't let it drop.
alvin guanlao Oct 2015
how I love it
when you're coming home
smells like your perfume
mixed with your tired skin and smoke

and I will never
be more stoked,
when you ask me to
join you as your body get soaked

in the water
in the water

never will resist,
you'll be glad tomorrow
ill take you by surprise that

I'm more than me,
more than me

it's a long and tiring day
let me hold your head as you lay down
with my hands i'll squeeze the pain now
and then I'll wait
until you say that i'm okay now
and be wanting for another round

in the water
in the water
alvin guanlao Aug 2015
Huwag **** paunlakan
pagka't di naman ito ipinagtutulakan
huwag mo ring masamain
pagkat di lang naman ikaw ang puwedeng naisin

isa lamang siya sa mga mata,
na nakakakita kung ano man ang puwedeng mahalata
tingin ko mas dapat mo pa ngang ikasaya
pagkat sa iyo'y mayroong humahanga

ang binitiwan **** salita ay hindi puwedeng gumana sa isa
naniniwala akong nakaramdam ka din, kaya ka dumistansya
ngunit bakit mo pa ito kailangang ipahayag sa amin?
gayong walang kalasag na proprotekta sa kanyang damdamin.

ako'y hihingi ng tawad kung ika'y nasaktan
ngunit huwag **** ipagkait itong aking kahilingan,
na kung sa susunod ay muli mo itong maranasan,
maari bang huwag mo na itong lakasan?
alvin guanlao Jun 2014
it's not about the butterflies or symbolic sun
not about the midnight lies or heavenly fun
they just won't stop until it's done
they just won't stop until it's dawn

orange light and marble stage are set
you'll never know the motives of their bet
maybe it's for food for the child that's needed to be fed
or for the dangerous high that can only be acquired from ****

toss it all and watch it bounce
coins are dancing with an exciting sound
wait for it, for it will announce
the lucky one and the hungry hound

the winner is expecting a good night bed
not until he realize he ****** them about the things he have said
orange turns to black and black turns to red
you know these kinds of stories, so at the end, they found him dead
it's been a while
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