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Nov 2010
You with her,
and I feel the pull.
My heart strings tangle,
I'm left unfull.

My head is spinning,
I'm so confused.
I feel let down,
I feel used.

Everything everywhere,
you're no where that I need.
Your signals so mixed,
and you're so hard to read.

Just be up front with me,
please just once.
Realize that I've fallen for you,
and honesty is a must.

But you seem to have put up,
this wall so very high.
You won't let me in any more,
is it time to say goodbye?

Just please explain to me,
what's going on with you.
I would love to sit down and talk,
but it seems like I bug you.

Every day I wonder,
today I broke down and cried.
I'm confused, what's going on?
I wish that you were mine...
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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