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May 2014
You look in the mirror,
With tears falling down,
You choke out “I’m beautiful”,
With your lips turned in a frown.

Your wrists,
Are covered in scars,
Your face,
Is caked in make up.

You use it to conceal you,
To hide you from the world,
You wear it like a mask,
To bury what’s underneath.

You chant out,
In a hysterical voice,
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?

Your fist comes up,
And shatters the glass,
You watch as pieces of you,
Fall to the ground.

Your friends tell you,
That you’re gorgeous,
But you refuse to listen,
You believe your not.

You cry yourself to sleep,
Every night of every week,
Hidden under the covers,
You think no one hears.

You believe no one cares,
That no one loves you,
That you’re worthless,
That you’re better off dead.

You pick up a broken,
Shard of the mirror,
And press it to your skin,
A second later a scarlet line appears.

You feel nothing though,
You’re cold and numb,
Inside and out,
You feel no pain.

You do feel sadness still,
You feel the neglect,
You feel the streaks your tears leave,
You still feel the heartbreak.

Even if love,
Didn’t cause this,
You still blame it,
You decide not to love.

You block everyone out,
Your family,
Your friends,

But is it that easy?
To just put a wall up?
To cut yourself off,
From the only people that loved you?

You don’t know what to do,
You’re trying to forget,
But you can’t forget,
Those words still echo in your head.

The same words over and over,
Ugly, worthless, useless,
A waste of life, unloved, forgotten,
How can you forget them?

You feel hurt,
You feel missing,
Like you’re left out in the dark,
Like no one understands.

And they don’t,
How could they?
They haven’t felt this way before,
Have they?

Will anyone ever notice,,
My tear soaked face?
The scars that adorn my body,
The make me who I don’t want to be?

When will they see,
That I became a monster,
My only purpose now is to hurt myself,
I deserve it anyway.

Why should I love myself,
If no one else does?
Why should I care,
If all I get in return is pain?

The only way now to stop this,
Is to end the problem,
And maybe if I die,
I will finally be loved.
Iman Rashid
Written by
Iman Rashid
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