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Nov 2010
He tells me he loves me,
and then he turns away.
He holds her in his arms,
another time today.

I tell him if he thinks,
that he loves me still.
Why is he with her?
is she only time to ****?

Boys, boys, boys,
they're nothing but crazy.
Sometimes I'm confused,
I'm left feeling hazy.

I'm screaming, I'm crying,
I need someone to help me now.
Pick me up, I've fallen,
I'm laying on the ground.

This life, those twists,
so hard and uncontrolled.
I'm only sixteen and yet,
I'm feeling oh so old.

This life, it takes,
and never seems to give.
They tell us to take control,
this is our life to live.

Well, he's listening to others,
telling him it's right.
While he's sitting there confused,
he cries throughout the night.

I'm laying in bed,
staring at the white above.
A blank canvas, they say,
to paint what you're dreaming of.

But how can we sort out,
this life that makes no sense.
And walk down each path,
that has a high fence.

I'm sixteen and yet,
I'm confused and sitting still.
Please point out the right path,
and help me if you will ...
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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