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May 2014
You are everything that isn't me
And that is why you delight my soul

And all you do
challenges me, you're good for me
I hope I'm good for you.

Jesus inspires you and shines from you
you're beautiful but this is more
than beautiful

I could stare at you all day and listen to you all day, which is good
because what you like to do is talk, and yet
even though you talk and I like to listen, you're a mystery
I can't figure you out, and that intrigues me because what I do best
is figure people out

Maybe I should change your name to Rubik's

But I can solve a Rubik's.

Can you sing? Read poetry and books? I do not mean can you do these things the best but
will you sing for me?

And can you stay? Not so I can solve you, I hope I never
solve you
I have a deep fear of being left
and I know that's not your problem, but I really
hope you can stay.
Written by
     Ra, Γ€Ε§ΓΉl and Gaby ComprΓ©s
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