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May 2014
Never so cruel the cry within,
Never such a sense of violated presence.
Impossibly diminishing a shade of a former self.
The kind of despair i have know i have received in waves,
Drowning with no key to the lock.
Tears do fall upon my face they are cold, they are tears of blood, they fall like rain.
Tears of blood fall down my face i taste the fear, It is pure hell.
Somebody must have some answers cause tears of blood are all i see,
Somebody must have some answers for me.
The memories come back time and again the tears are poison,
the pain is sharp it cuts like a knife.
The pain binds me like ropes i try to stand again, It stains like a black tattoo.
Crimson are the tears like long red ribbons, the wounds on my soul if only you knew.
The sun fall from a broken world no words are said, Clouds reflect my tears of blood, dyed murky red.

Written by Kelly O'Hara 26th May 2014
Written by
Kelly O'hara  Scarborough
   ---, Autumn and Nomad
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