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May 2014
In some world
it could almost be funny
that you're this idea
I've been stuck on
but really
you were the first
soul that I ever
found truth in

you saw me
(you promised
you'd never let me
run away)

and I keep avoiding
face to face
these awful sobs
get caught in my throat
and I can't know what
god awful noise will escape
in place of "hello"

(I ******* swear
I've moved on)

I haven't heard
your voice in
10 months
(except for
in my head
in my dreams
in a voicemail
that you told me

I am new

every ******* word
is still true
and I refuse
to let my
sinking chest
make a lie
out of you
Hana Gabrielle
Written by
Hana Gabrielle
   Erenn, Lux, Alexis Martin and ---
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