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Jun 2014
a new future
races past my attention.
As thin as,
a liberals funding
chased by an old
and toothless past.

Slipping changes by...
in bite sized pieces
now so regularly
that some pass ...
barely tasted....
almost inhaled.

Tides of modern history
are beating
on ugly
worn out barriers
affecting all,
both near and far
As bright and untouchable
as the new moon.

The looming certainty of...
what now seems
not quite accepting
it's progression
and now is both...
dragging it's feet...
and  clumsily
rushing over
what's left of
ancient weights...
that lay so heavy...
so long....'

Equality and Justice
are hummed to
and called forth...
to not simply usher in
a few changes...
but navigate the floodgates
of what our world
now dare to dream of...
The last of the Boomer's
are having their say
and the idealistic. psychedelic,
poets and builders
dream through a "stoney" mist
and contemplate
next season's crops
and the affect they may have
on moral turpitude.
Suzanne Penn
Written by
Suzanne Penn  Portland, Oregon
(Portland, Oregon)   
     ASB, Hollow and Suzanne Penn
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