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Nov 2010
You're pulling on me so hard
But only pushing me away;
Seeking answers to questions
I didn't want you to ask

-Not so fast-
That's the darkest part of my past
I keep people like you
From tackling the task
Of removing this mask
Because if you did
You'd jump back and gasp

This face is contorted and sort of;
My punishment for running ****,
So you deserve none of it.

Your words are so lovely
But you know nothing of me,
Not of the things I have done
Like grabbing a hold of the sun
Stuffing it into my gun
And letting it blaze
Just to feel the warmth on my face
I'm not just a maze-

I am the most elaborate of labyrinths

And you just dropped your self in the middle
The devil plays a fiddle
But I play with riddles

What do you have to choose
When there's nothing left to lose?
Do you still play by the rules,
Or do you call it a ruse?

You're blasting those speakers
But I see your broken fuse
I'm standing here confused
Like white noise and static?...

Is that it?

Words are words
And through the curves and turns
They can't speak like we want them to,
I seek not to run from you
I'm just busy fighting my own writing
Because everything I'm hiding
Is riding, on me now
I have questions of my own
But I don't see how
You think the answers are so blatant
And you're patiently waitin'
For everything to be taken,
By my hands;

Little do you know
They are both quite full
With these burdens that I hold,
I'm not saying you should go
Just warning you to roll
With every punch that I throw
They will take you off your feet
And break you in the street
Make you into me...

And that's the last thing
I ever want to see.
Anthony J. Alexander 2010
Anthony Jarell Alexander
Written by
Anthony Jarell Alexander  30/M
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