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May 2014
I'll never forget the way the sun
Hits your eyes, but I've
Forgotten the shade of
Ocean they resemble.

I fell in love with the trail
Of flowers that led from
Your grandmother's garden and
To your father's old wooden
Front door, through the kitchen
We once danced in and into
Your bedroom.

On days I cannot forget you,
I scrub a little harder in the shower.
I'm sure you no longer have
Your fingertips lost somewhere
Between my pores
(Better safe than sorry,
Like you always said).

You left me breathless from the
Day you told me I never
Deserved what he had done,
To the day you told me I never
Deserved you, either.

I sometimes catch myself
Screaming your name
In my dreams.
Written by
       Yelena, ---, ---, alex, L T Winter and 49 others
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