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May 2014
Let's take a hike
let's go on a journey for life
no car or bike
this journey ends in you being my wife

I know you have a lot of baggage
but its good that your prepared
so of the mountain dont be scared
If your load is too heavy
then your load i will carry
put it on my shoulders
just think of them
as your pain holders

and when your baggage starts to hold us back
as our connection grows older
we will take a peak in your pack
and take out all the boulders
everything that no longer matters
ill take all away
ill even remove his dagger
from where he stabbed you in the back

sometimes we will go left
cause not everything is right
this mountain is tall
sometimes we will have to fight
Its an uphill battle
and the journey is long
you will feel tired and weak
but i will keep you strong

Remember this is a hike
and we're climbing by foot
there's only one rule
don't stay put

This is a journey for life
that ends in you being my wife
so get your baggage
bring what ever you like
and whenever your ready
let's take a hike
Written by
Derek Wings
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