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May 2014
Slowly, I dripped every want, need and longing into my hand, forming in the spaces where you hands intended to be.
I came storming right into your life, arms out, begging, crying, "Take this, and that, have it." Take me
At least that's what it felt like, throwing everything I had or wanted to keep at you, begging for you to somehow love the way I hid these things between every argument.
Screaming things that make no sense to how I'm feeling, things to make me cringe and stomp over every nerve ending for you to leave. And inside I'm begging, arms out, crying "Take it, take every bit of it, have it, please." Take every rotten piece of me  
And somehow you've only kept in record of how I say I love you far too little, and kiss any skin available in my reach, and you came gently into my life, never asking a single thing of me.
All the while I'm crying, begging stay long enough to realize I've become addicted to the shivers in my spine, and stars that scream your name.
Heaven Dawn
Written by
Heaven Dawn
   ---, ---, Venusoul7 and G H Goodland
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