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May 2014
These words I am writing will be misunderstood,
you belong between my legs, not in a ****** act but in the way of having you so close that I am more you than me.
Bottling the whispers against my neck close to my heart in vain, selfish for wanting to keep you this young and vulnerable forever.
I want to be able to break your heart over and over until the shards form another wall for me to crash through.
You've translated that wrong, I'm not into sadism, only into breaking you hard enough to forget my name, because I've come to the conclusion of loving you enough to form a new ******* ocean.
God these words are terrible, forgive me for I'm fighting myself in attempt of telling you I love you.  
I'll only break you if I'm breaking and I know you wouldn't be able to handle the me that cries at crooked necks of baby birds laying at the foot of oak trees, and the way you won't kiss me hard enough to feel it.
Even I, have misunderstood the meaning of this poem.
Heaven Dawn
Written by
Heaven Dawn
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