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May 2014
The obvious obfuscates the mind,
The obvious sometimes we not read;
The obvious, from we dare not veer;
The obvious is always so ubiquitous,
The obvious is what misses the mark,
The obvious, from we always try to hide;
The obvious fails to ring a bell of caution,
The obvious is what we choose not to see,
The obvious, we see through tainted glass.
The obvious reason we miss out on truth;
It is obvious of our nature to create our own,
The obvious cannot always mar our perception;
The obvious is not so obvious, like an apparition,
Mistaking the obvious for a hallucination;
And not dwelling on the obvious, but everything else.

Β© Amitav (Radiance)
Amitav Radiance
Written by
Amitav Radiance
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