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Apr 2014
have we met before?
did you forget your way?
the path meanders like a lazy river,
spitting water over the edge
but only as far as you can see.
its been a while since ive seen you here;
your face looks different now.
the bags under your eyes,
your skin not so fair as it once was.
but your eyes.
still alive and alight with pain and love,
piercing in the quiet ecstasy of another day not being wasted.
hello, why have you come here today?
are you looking to repent?
there is no sorry here.
there is only moving forward.
dont bemoan your sorrows to me, my friend;
i have sorrows enough.
show me your light.
show me your energy,
spilling over the edge of the river
and down the mountain to rest in the heart of the ocean.
aren't you happy you came?
there is no time wasted in the house of the rising sun
when you are the sun and your house is overflowing with light.
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