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Oct 2010
The touching and feeling,
how they made eachother feel.
Before that everything,
it seemed so unreal.

They say this thing,
it changes everything.
She didn't beleive that till,
he and her had their fling.

The first time they were together,
sparks flew and hit the sky.
But after time when on,
aftre they said goodbye.

Their talks grew and grew,
but slowly began to deminish.
And the next they were together,
they resolved what was unfinished.

She felt there's something missing,
the connection between is lost.
She's waiting to hold something,
that is too far gone.

When people never stay,
and they always have to leave.
It gets harder to bear,
harder to believe.

The connection between you,
is growing farther away.
They're leading seperate lives,
and there is no other way.

The tie that they once had,
how could it be saved?
She's busy with her life,
she doesn't stop each day.

She's lost in her emotions,
she doesn't know what to do.
What would you do,
if this girl was you?
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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