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Oct 2010
You taunting, your laughter,
they all join in.
They smile, they sing,
the rejoice in your hymn.

They praise, they laugh,
they think it's alright.
But do they all know,
that little girl cries at night?

Your laughter, your words,
she thought you were her friends.
She's seeing your snickers,
she feels like the end.

It's stupid, it's pointless,
for you to poke fun.
At someone, unlike you,
she is the innocent one.

It's time to stop, to settle down,
her eyes are weak and weary.
Now honey, ask yourself,
is this really necessary?

For her to feel unwelcome,
as if her best friend betrayed.
This feeling goes on,
it lasts for days.

But we can stop it,
if we only listen close.
To a heart that beats,
and what matters most.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
   Rachel Sterling
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