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Apr 2014
She was heaven, just the thought of waking up to a face so beautiful made me want to go to sleep every hour. Every morning as she would wake up and smile at me, I noticed that my heart would stop and then start. The sun would shine brighter and my love for her would grow even more. I would stare into her eyes and get lost in how beautiful they were. I would say 'Good Morning Baby' and she would smile even more and kiss me and with lips softer then clouds, I knew I was next to an angel. She would tell me how she loved me and I said it back. As I started to get out of bed, she would grab me and smile and tell me don't go. This was a every morning routine and I knew I didn't want to go but I had to get dressed for work. She whispered in my ear Softly but **** as I was putting on my she wanted to make love to the morning sun in between Egyptian cotton sheets keeping in the sounds of making love. We made love in every way we knew possible like a Queen and King be continued
Written by
   Lior Gavra
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