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Jan 2018 · 294
December 16
Devontae Jan 2018
Every morning I'd wake up and watch her sleep. It was my morning prayer to God, thanking him for making something so beautiful and blessing me with his creation. Somewhere between admiring her beauty and thanking god, I was lost on her lips. She would wake and look at me with heaven in her eyes and I would smile and say,

"I love you with everything i have left. my heart has been through war but even with wounds i will kiss you with air. the sun rises every day and i hope you do too because i think you’re just as beautiful.."

She would always tell me how she is the lucky one and not with it.

I would reply back,

"write me a list of all the reasons you think you aren’t worth it and i will write you a novel of all the reasons you’re wrong. you remind me of the way in wars people would burn their own cities to the ground so no one else can have them." She would smile and it always gave me life. laying on top of her as her body was ready to consume me. I made sure to kiss every part of her body.. as she did mine, she loved feeling me in the back of her throat. As we switched positions making love in every possible way. she had a body that was ready to erupt.. she wanted to feel me on her face and mouth
Jan 2018 · 320
Two sides
Devontae Jan 2018
She had two sides,
Both transcending from an unsettling place
She began as a low tide,
Holding back the depth of beauty
When her heart was full
Her love flowed endlessly until she could love no more
Apr 2014 · 471
My mornings
Devontae Apr 2014
She was heaven, just the thought of waking up to a face so beautiful made me want to go to sleep every hour. Every morning as she would wake up and smile at me, I noticed that my heart would stop and then start. The sun would shine brighter and my love for her would grow even more. I would stare into her eyes and get lost in how beautiful they were. I would say 'Good Morning Baby' and she would smile even more and kiss me and with lips softer then clouds, I knew I was next to an angel. She would tell me how she loved me and I said it back. As I started to get out of bed, she would grab me and smile and tell me don't go. This was a every morning routine and I knew I didn't want to go but I had to get dressed for work. She whispered in my ear Softly but **** as I was putting on my she wanted to make love to the morning sun in between Egyptian cotton sheets keeping in the sounds of making love. We made love in every way we knew possible like a Queen and King be continued
Nov 2013 · 335
Could have
Devontae Nov 2013
I could've kissed
every inch of your skin
spelling perfect
all over your body.
but instead
i chose to spell it
on your lips
with my own.
Oct 2013 · 1.1k
Her lust for life
Devontae Oct 2013
girl in a relationship fascinated w/a stranger she met once. emotions attached to what she can’t hold yet deep down. she craves; she always wondered what it was like to see the other face of the moon. often questioned where it slept when light consumed day when the mind wanders. the heart does too. curiosity is often attached to ‘things you’re bound to find’ that’s if. you go look for it and she did. as she drank coffee across from her sat a man, a stranger. he looked up & smiled at her a few times before he got up & left. something about the way he looked at her made her ***** where she stood. her thighs electrified with energy of how this was even possible, lust was so heavy she followed behind him. he didn’t say much but the side of his mouth formed half a moon of a smile. she felt a rush.’ she said softly. there was a hesitation in her tone but luckily the wind carried her voice loud enough to brush past the stranger’s ears. he stopped. the stranger’s thoughts: ‘she had to be the most beautiful loneliest girl my eyes had ever been humbled enough to come in contact with’. he was right. there was a lighthouse stuck in her throat that never made it past peripheral. light was dim in her eyes. this was clear. hi. my name is so & so’ —he stared at her lips and smiled again. ‘nice to meet you love’ how was your coffee he asked. it was just as sweet as i imagined our first conversation would be like. it’s not everyday you find a soul like yours and attract to it. what do i call you’ she whispered gently as she got closer to him while their eyes danced on each other’s lips. names are not important when presence is the greater ambience. follow me, he insisted & grabbed her hand gently with a full grip. she had no reason to doubt. everything felt blissful. she didn’t know where he was her taking but it didn’t matter as long as he knew. here she was. in a stranger’s apartment. lights dimmed, candles lit. instrumentals relaxed the mood on the radio. she felt like a woman. he leaned over & pulled her chin higher closer then kissed her lips. moved her hair to one side and brushed his tongue alongside her ear. instantly her body melted as he grabbed both edges of her shirt and lifted up and over her head exposing skin. she was warm. taste like sunday mornings’ he whispered in her ear as he pushed her against the wall while hands hovered her curves & lips on skin, her mouth dropped as quickly as her body temperature rose & demanded to feel more. skin. hands. lips. touch. words. she craved it all..
Devontae Oct 2013
To the woman my heart will leap for’  my passion is intense. i wonder if you can handle me somedays..
i wonder if my waking up at 3am inspired to pour paint from thoughts on your canvas w/tongue will make your insides melt or feel unease.
i wonder if, being hungry for you constantly will ever be enough to fulfill me..
i wonder, will my hunger feed you or ease you to find someone else easier to please. i wonder if you’ll even let me love unguardedly..
despite your best efforts to conceal wounds the past had made of you. i pray you’re not too proud to show me places you still hurt..
i just wonder what you’ll be like.. that’s all.i don’t care for pretty hearts. give me someone whose been through some **** ‘letter to the girl who had a ****** day dear love, i know smiles tend to fade quicker than summers do but, don’t ever let the sun escape you. your lips, your mouth was made for light to seep through. there’s gold treasured behind the crevices of your teeth. there’s a heaven in your smile love. why conceal what god had written in poetic metaphors. your smile is a light source, guide me. i know rain come heavy some days but even then. floods will never mold a river these are passing moments. find your sun again.. if this is you. here’s my love wrapped in words for you. i care for your well being & for your sake i hope you light up for you. smile . sincerely, love
Sep 2013 · 551
Devontae Sep 2013
the blades
of grass at
a cemetery
have heard
more truthful
than a church
Sep 2013 · 469
Hold on
Devontae Sep 2013
little boys
with dreams
of paper planes
were never
meant to scrape
the sky; keep
your head from
the clouds kid,
only birds were
meant to fly
Sep 2013 · 344
Devontae Sep 2013
He resists
the urge to
cut by
at his wrists
but as the
Tears run
down his
face the
blade becomes
harder to resist
Sep 2013 · 337
What is Love?
Devontae Sep 2013
What is love ?
Love is, compassionate, never ending thoughts of someone. Seeing them everyday without seeing them in person, Love is never wanting to close your eyes with the sense of losing the sight of you. Love is, giving you heaven even knowing putting my self through hell just for you, it's wanting to hold you til my arms can't no more, kiss you til my lips no more. See you til my eyes no more even if I went blind I can still just hold you even more. Love is, seeing that light in someone that never ending feeling when you are with them, that rush of emotions that make you feel happy. You smile more then you ever have, your stomach releases butterfly's that've morft from their deep darkest corners of your stomach. Love is, blind to the sight, death to the sound but felt in the Heart.
Sep 2013 · 325
Devontae Sep 2013
I want your
breath to roll
over my lips
like fog
to the cold
December wind
whistling through
the snow
sheltered pines

                                                                          You're all
                                                           four seasons
                                            rolled into
                             one, you're
                    the cold
                                             snow in
                                                            the warm
                                                                            July sun
Sep 2013 · 391
Broken beautiful
Devontae Sep 2013
As she grew up
she would play
hide & seek
but the game
never ended;
she's still hiding
her scars
and still
seeking happiness
Sep 2013 · 931
Devontae Sep 2013
I Kiss you on the Lips While our tongues Finally meet ,

Hands Start too Cuddle While our Hearts Begin to Speak .

Feelings Get Unraveled from Our head to our Feet ,

****** Feelings Start to rise While Bad Feelings went to Sleep.

the Deeper I Go your legs Begin to Feel so Weak ,

you begin too Scream my name louder and Weep.

Our Bodies Sweat Like someone cut on the Heat ,

After I Made you *** My Mission Was COMPLETE..
Sep 2013 · 452
Voice in my head
Devontae Sep 2013
If I ,

If I Sent you my Love in a Message,
Would you Read it
If i Said i Loved You,
would You mean it
If i Said i wanted to make you My girl,
Would you be it
If I Said i Wanted you so Bad,
Would you believe me
IF i Gave You the World,
Would You give me What is needed
Would you give me all your Love,
While i give you mine
Would we Be Two Hands on a Clock,
And Spend Time
Even when your not in my Heart,
Your on my Mind
I Dont Want to Lose You,
I Know you dont want to Lose me too
So Can we Do this love thing Right,
Survive this Love Fight
Smiling in the Morning from Yesterdays Beautiful Goodnight♥
But only if i ..
Sep 2013 · 2.8k
Devontae Sep 2013
Dear Miss
, I Dont know your name I just Know Your Fragrance. Wanting to get to know you more, But Our Small talk was Near Shy of a Indecisive Conversation Waiting to Be Present. You'd rather Hear the Echo's of silence in your room, Studying then to Hear the Same Lines Lies guys tell Just to get you in. Dear Miss, your Ambition is Irrelevant, i can see you clearly in my future like Cars With out no tent and i will let you stay on my mind and in my Heart with out no Rent. Dear Miss , I hope you understand Where i Stand, I aint tryna Be ya boo and i aint tryna Be an Uncle Sam, im Tryna be with you. Be The Reaason that you Smile, and if its time that i have to work with then I can Wait A While and when i wake up in the morning all i seem to think about is how i Picture your Pretty smile ... Dear Miss
Sep 2013 · 330
Her perfection
Devontae Sep 2013
What if I told you,

You are the brightest star in my dark night sky.

What if I told you,

Your smile carries life all the way down to your
soft voice.

What if I told,

You had a Face that many men would go to war for and a heart many men would go to battle.

What if I told you,

i pray some day i’ll be able to kiss you before the sun does.

What if I told you,

heaven is a place on earth with you.

What if I told you,

I wanted you; Would you want me too?

— The End —