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Mar 2014
Rubbing your eyes like you're five, jaw stretched wide, arms stretched above your head and the lines of muscle beside your hips are peeking through your shirt.
And the sight of you becoming vulnerable in front of me, melts me into a puddle on the carpet of your floor. "That's not all we are." slips through your lips as I lay my leg across you and fit myself into the crook of your body. But you're a boy of firsts, and you're falling asleep while tracing my arm.
And you fell asleep, the beat of your heart quickly thrumming at the screen of your dreams, and I wonder if you're thinking of the first time you kissed me like I am. You'd never know I kissed you about a hundred times while you were dreaming, on your temple, your hair, and the freckle right below your jaw. I knew that it could wake you up, pulling you from your sleep felt wrong, you looked so innocent, the stressed pull of your eyebrows was gone and I wanted to keep it that way.
At 2:34 I kissed you awake, and you slowly woke up, like sand through an hourglass, you lost that innocent look about you, and you became the man who sent my knees to quiver, my heart to race.
And I wanted you to wake up.
Heaven Dawn
Written by
Heaven Dawn
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