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Mar 2014
I’ve been observing your camaraderie with ladies who are not me, and I have to say it makes my heart stop for many minutes at a time and I fear my life is hanging on an edge. Please save me.

The last time I kissed you, you smelled like smoke and cologne and my system is burning like a city on fire, everytime you say I love you because your eyes turn somewhere far beyond the atmosphere we’re breathing in, almost as if those three little words were meant for somebody else.

When you said those words to me, your eyes were always far off, looking into the distance, like it was all a lie, and me being gullible, I believed it. For I loved you so as I trusted you.

You lean in and your lips kiss me good night, but all I can taste is good bye, good bye. I want to be your good morning. I want to wake up next to you with your heart handcuffed to my chest and I want you to feel the burn, the fire that creates sparks in my veins, every time we hold hands. I want to be the one, sorry, I want to be the only one that gives you a home in the valleys of my collarbones.

I hope that you would stay in this home I’ve built, and lie with me for every night after. Stay and don’t ever leave. You have no idea how I shiver and how my body shakes with epileptic spasms coupled with screaming and I didn’t think I would survive all that. Every time you leave, you leave a super massive black hole in my chest and it aches so horribly that I can’t even stand. Don’t leave.

I’ve been observing your camaraderie with ladies who are not me, I hope one day, you’ll come back to your senses and observe that despite every downside, I will always look at you as once in a lifetime opportunity, that this love, our love, my love for you will always be constant and that I don’t need camaraderie in my vocabulary, when I already have love written on the corners of your mouth.

-x.o & t.m (@lunarlullubies & @strawfaerie)
this is my 2nd collab with @strawfaerie, and it's been as amazing as the 1st :)
addy r
Written by
addy r  SC
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