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Mar 2014
There's only so much you can take before the world splits into half. The world you know of, is just another illusion created in your head. Leading battles and marching to the drums. That ringing in your head is always a sharp note waiting to go off. You could look at the stars and feel everything was right. Now look at the same sky and feel yourself slip into the darkness. Everyone around you wants to see you lose the battle. Secretly they are all just waiting to watch you fall. Putting on a brave face and hiding behind a mask, all the same, just that, its never you. You can take on the world if you want to. But remember there's always a price to pay. Love was a concept made to mislead us. Just a sweet note to hide the cacophony of the composition. Sometimes, its a lonely war you rage. No one sees you put on the armor, no one sees you run head first into the enemy. Who is the enemy? Dont be surprised if you hear a voice inside saying, its you.
Here I am. Standing at the edge of the world.  Should I take a leap? Or should I fall back and never know what lay on the other side?
Meenu Syriac
Written by
Meenu Syriac  India
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