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Pam McMill Jan 2015
"You're a 10, baby," I say to my burnt fingers.
  Mar 2014 Pam McMill
Emily Dickinson

So give me back to Death—
The Death I never feared
Except that it deprived of thee—
And now, by Life deprived,
In my own Grave I breathe
And estimate its size—
Its size is all that Hell can guess—
And all that Heaven was—
Pink confused with white
flowers and flowers reversed
take and spill the shaded flame
darting it back
into the lamp’s horn

petals aslant darkened with mauve

red where in whorls
petal lays its glow upon petal
round flamegreen throats

petals radiant with transpiercing light
the leaves
reaching up their modest green
from the ***’s rim

and there, wholly dark, the ***
gay with rough moss.
Pam McMill Feb 2014
Bored is where I belong to be

Boredom is what I see when I'm
Bored I no longer be anything but

Bored, because boredom belongs to me.

— The End —