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Mar 2014
In the corner of my mind
I saw you in Ruby Tuesday
You were still mine
You were drinking blue moon
I couldnโ€™t laugh anymore
I was a jester youโ€™re buffoon,
All my life is stupid race
Always a โ€œcrying disgraceโ€
I remember but what for?
In the corner of my life
I saw us kissing-laughing-dancing
Four years ago
Everything is still alive
In my heart
We were  in TGI Fridays,
In Bethany Blues, Big Fish grill
My life is like a spoilt brat
Runs down the hill.
My days of the week are all Mondays
In the corner of my heart
No more joy, all restaurants are closed
All places reserved
By sadness and fight.

Drink your blue moon
And get out of here.
Mara Kennet
Written by
Mara Kennet
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