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Oct 2010
with windowed soul and beheartéd sleeve i bare my thoughts to you
and paint my face and eyes with words that you could see me through
would it be that you echoed silent longing for me too –
that you could feel me reaching out across the page

we’re not destined to walk this road though i can’t begin to know
that such passing contact and few shared words could steal my dreaming so
and when you left i searched for ways to stop your turn to go
i almost didn’t catch your name

and as the world corporeal demands my top of mind
i search the seas for trace of you that i will never find
but this heart inside my chest still yearns for yours in kind
it is confounding in its ferocity

if we should ever meet again, whether in dreams or reality
you should know that your existence in this world has made its mark on me
and in my gaze that lasts too long, in that moment you will see
i’ve been yours all along
frances lee
Written by
frances lee
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