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Apr 2014
How about a poem about certainty.
The certainty of uncertainty.

Where lovers and friends betray or stay.
Where family supports you and disappoints you.
Where work is great.

When your life plays out to its fullest potential;
every piece of the puzzle, good and bad, fits perfectly together;
and the picture becomes clearer every day: life is so uncertain.

Are you strong enough to face this challenge?
Day in and day out? Because there is beauty in uncertainty.

Slowly we must learn everything that was never taught;
our armor will grow thick, while,
steadily, the mistakes pile up, and,
eventually, the good will sort itself out

Day in and day out, the uncertainty becomes certain.
We were hardwired to survive in an inadaptable world
Allow the insecurities to be masked by the brave and the bold;
Express your fears and challenge them

Do not lose yourself, do not give in to certainty
Life is a lingering note: ringing out
Precious are the days, limited are the years
Uncertainty is ever certain
Written by
   J N Alonoz
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