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Alee May 2017
Why are you concerned with having an original thought?
With 7.3 billion people in the world
you will share an idea with at least one other person

The only difference between you and the other person with the same thought
is the one person's ability to take the idea
and create something out of it

Start walking, start doing, start thinking
...and THEN...
Do them all, simultaneously.

You achieve something different,
when you put them all together.
Alee May 2017
When was the last time I was inspired to put pen to paper?
For the life of me I cannot remember...

Even now, my joints are dusty and stiff
How quickly they come alive, waking muscle memory from a deep slumber
the gears of my word bank shriek and scrap, begging for lubrication
I can feel the tension creep from my neck into my temples.

Words run the length of my nerves, miles of synapses, as millions of electrical messages are carried from the dank catacombs of my poetic cabinet.
They flow in the calm tide of my hand.
Hand to pen, pen to paper.

The seductive curves of each letter brings relief
The ink glides effortlessly from the pen
My hand remains suspended in time
With a release of "feel good" hormones in my brain,
for a moment, the fog dissipates.

My heart is leaping in my chest,
yearning to express itself in every way society prohibits

Thank you, poetry, for never abandoning me
Thank you for lying in wait

As I remove you from the damp, musty cabinet
I promise to allow you to make me whole again.
Please, stay with me.
Alee May 2017
The firm grip of reality
forces air from my lungs;
squeezes passion from my heart.
Alee Feb 2017
<<In this narrative you didn't see me.>>

I saw you today.
Your arm.
Your backwards baseball cap.
Your sunglasses.
Your mouth.
Your truck.

I swear, my heart faltered.
In those 5 long seconds,
I hit a brick wall, and fell
through the universe of my being.
I drowned in a water
so crystal clear and malleable.

The shape of my memories,
real and imagined,
took form.
They played out an alternative reality
one where we both compliment each other
like the Yin and Yang
el sufrimiento y La Virgen
Barack and Michelle.

The story unraveled
and told a beautiful fairytale:
Our progressive life
beyond the comprehension of most
and desired by all;
we supported each other and cherished each other
grew with one another and rested together.
We were woke to the sufferings of all,
competent and confident in our roles to empower and uplift;
never vain, yet every mistake was accepted humbly.
We emitted light, for ourselves, for each other.
We laughed. Hugged. Existed.

I smiled.

As the mili-seconds creep into the 5th second,
I grab my own wrist,
yank myself through a wormhole,
and re-exist in the spot from where I can see you.
My heart begins to flutter.

Green light.

I race forward.
<<Here I am>>, ahead of you.
While I enjoy the smooth pace of my life, where are you?
Behind me?
Or did you turn?
<<How I wish my object permanence was broken.
I don't want to understand you, anymore.>>
Suddenly, you charge ahead, and leave me in the dust.
I miss the chance to signal to you.
I miss the chance to catch you.

<<One more chance.>>
I whisper, to the void.
We pass each other, <<Here it is.>>


As you go left, I stay straight
The perfect metaphor of our lives.

I'm ridden with emotions,
too many to sort through.
I give myself over to my guides,
and in that brief moment of clarity,
I see how unrequited this love is.

I change the dialogue.

<<My goals and my dreams require attention.
My passion and my heart require understanding.
My love and my time is special.>>

You exist. I exist.
Separated by periods, occasionally connected with commas.
You, and I.
No more, no less.
My heart flutters.

I am here, in this precious moment.
Intently, fall the grains of sand of time.
I am here, I am now.
My heart flutters.
Alee Nov 2015
Heartbreak is

that feeling when your heart sends copious amounts of blood rushing through your body. It floods you, and leaves you feeling warm. Your heart is racing, your brain is pounding, your extremities go numb, your mouth becomes slightly dry, and your eyes grow wide. And, almost instantaneously, your body grows still, quiet, and then, cold.


that stiffness in your limbs. They were once reliable, but now useless. As your brain circles out of the daze, you're left facing this unfathomably distressing situation and you can't even take command of your body.


the yearning for the stillness of your reality to speed-up. You would **** to have the sand in the dial glide fluidly through the passage of concavity, at a faster rate. But the grains become too big and too thick for the slenderness of the glass; they stick together, dam the passage, and clog time.


all of that, and much more.
Alee Sep 2015
When I read books or watch the way couples are with each other, especially those who have strong tensions and "unhealthy" co-dependencies,  I can't help but think "I know you didn't mean it".

I love being able to blame the fact that we were so young and we didn't know any better. It makes me feel better about my relationship now. Before my love was unrequited but this boy just waited, patiently, for 3 months. And we grew, and we changed, in good ways, and now I see him in a better light.

Don't get me wrong. I won't be with him past August, but now I know what a healthy relationship is. I know what unconditional support means. In my darkest hours he stood beside me. In our most confusing nights, we stayed awake together and talked. When he needed me to listen instead of being like a mother, I learned how to do it. Because we love each other.

But we could never have done that...with full, unwavering, pure, good intentions....Not because we didn't love each other, we very much did, but we didn't know how to do that then. I didn't know how to do that then.
Alee Jun 2015
Some things can not possibly exist in our materialistic world.

They only exist on the map in our minds.

And no matter how hard we wish them into existence, or attempt to give them a physical form, they can neither nor willingly come to life.
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