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copperots May 2014
he was the sort of person

who chased
loose flyers down the road
hoping for a lost letter
some lover must have wrote

he was the sort of person

who could not
sleep with an IV drip
dug deep into his arm

he could not move
   or run away
          from nightmares
                were not his.
copperots May 2014
she was the sort of person

who ran
into glass walls
searching of a lover
who slept miles away

she was the sort of person

who could not
flip the pillow
over to the cooler side

she could not hug it

       and tell herself
                       was fine.
copperots May 2014

i like to think of us
                     as infinite

  in proportion
measureless by any means
  individual supernovas
greeting each other
        igniting simultaneously
it was
from which we were freed

when curious scientists
    into oblivion
we were brighter
     than any shining star
                in the sky
    glow worms
     the walls
  of sunken caves
hidden somewhere
     peaceful and ruined
like Atlantis
(maybe all these metaphors
           are just stories to
             secretly tell you
           this is how i lose lose myself in your stare
           it is what i see
          tenderly sprouting
                         in your eyes)
copperots May 2014

i like to think of us
                    as inseparable

  than blood
the sweet dripping honey
in my veins
           you are
what nurtures
           my nature
an avalanche
of tenderness
that without
i would collapse

you are the sun
rising early on dreamy mornings
to my seeded growing heart
you are the moon
to the longing wolf in my tummy
  howling softly in the dark
you are the words
streaming falls of encouragement
that leave my chapped lips dry for more
you are the ink
painting passages of hope
that leave my fingertips typing of your allure
copperots May 2014

i like to think of us
                    as discovered

     by chance
in a boundless sea
separate jars
floating towards each other
it was
from which we wished to flee

when salty sailors unearthed us
tangled worms
    on a sandy beach
we curled
   our limbs together
    the sun and breeze

lost miles in
tides of diving love
  that surely drew us here
to an island
at the ends of the world
of silver sand
and sweet coconut trees
copperots Mar 2014
undo the rusty bolts
  my frizzy hairline
the crummy ones that hold
  volatile turmoil
    within my scalp
the erratic lunacy
   with my aging brain
using the untangled strings
  to jump rope
   and play
    sorrowful tunes
      for the weeping
        to harmonize

i want you
  to stick your hands
   in my heavy head
as you would
  in a flower ***
    freshly filled with soil
dig into the moist compound
  with your pliable fingers
     the corruptive leakage
       that toils
         within my own deceit

i want you
  to avidly turn
    the soft claying matter
       how ever you please
as you would
  turn into roads
     that lead you
           straight to me

i want you
  to breathe
     igniting hope
born from the fumes
   of cigarettes
    you smoked insensibly
into the seeds
  you wish to discard
     in this potted cavity

i want you
  to pour oceans
    of poetic sentiments
tainted with gentle kindness
   from those isolated tears
     held back in the sockets
        of your eyes
to water
   my wilting corpse
     so it may flourish
        from your light reflecting gift
          of life (you resurrect me)

i want you
  to trust
     in your
       captivating presence
          to make me
              unintentionally smile
from your caress
  will selflessly sprout
     inflorescent buds
       of rich purplish-blue flowers
          with conspicuous green calyxes

  and even though their coloring
        is rather insignificant
  and they can be easily overlooked

i want you
  to know
   that only you
     hold the key
       to this secret pasture

  without you
   there would not be
     such garden
         for us to hide
copperots Feb 2014
as we momentarily depart
  on this night
invaluable seconds
turn into slow sailing snails
and the bottomless void you have filled
comes forcefully undone

a coral kissed satin ribbon unwinding
to pull you back into my arms

as we momentarily depart
  on this night
unforgivable distance
splits our bodies apart
  like microscopic amoebas
holding on to a never ending current of flight

we might be identical beings
running in opposing directions
              (at this point in our lives)
   but our souls know better
    that soon will come a time

     our flesh and bones will reunite
     our lonely days will then be yesterday's moonlight
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