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Feb 2014
Those years ago when I'd cry to mum
Because the bullies picked on me
They called me smelly, silly, dumb
And when the teachers came they'd flee

They said "Crying wolf is is wrong and bad
The more you lie, the less we'll aid"
That drove me crazy, drove me mad
And I swore that I would make the grade

I said "No more crying in the school"
I said "No more bullies pushing through"
I would be no longer, a smelly fool
This was my chance to start anew

So sure enough, the boys returned
And sure enough they said their piece
The emotion inside me had learned
That fighting was the way to peace

I made a name for myself those years
And all around me learnt the cost
If you came to me in search of tears
My friend, you had already lost

The need to prove myself was there
It made me free from pain and grip
It had its downs, but the ups were fair
I studied so I'd never dip

But as the years came floating by
My name had disappeared for good
I was just the boy who used to cry
Who'd fight you whenever he could

The anger that had now controlled me
Needed to rebuild my fame
And as I saw an old arch enemy
I'd already become too wild to tame

And as I, in the gutter laid broken, numb
And all the others walked away
I realised I'm smelly, silly, dumb
But this time theres no-one to say
The Black Beast
Written by
The Black Beast  Hertfordshire
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