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Feb 2014
Is it weird how I remember one of your favorite artists was Frank Sinatra?
That Red you adored.
On your lips, on your nails, clip clopping heels on the floor.
That you were born on the 18th
In one of the J's of summer.
That you eyes were "fat" you called them
and Sad..
and beautiful..
I cannot look at them anymore
they are filled with everything
Is it weird that I remember
how full the face of you
how alluring, proactive, your smile
I remember even, how you hated your nose
It was too wide you said.
How your cheeks were too thick for your taste.
Its weird.
How in class, as we learn about Shakespeare, I still look forward
for that little second
to telling you, showing you what I've learned of what you like.
I miss how I got used to out short
random chit chats.
You'd inspire me to come to love an idol of yours
and not only for you she now lives inside
Marilyn Monroe.
Her beauty you desired, her beauty you longed for and admired
and I to
she only reminds me of you
just of you
I wonder how would that be to know?
How you were the Spain to my Romano
and my Romano to your Spain.
How you made me love Spain, Antonio- Carriedo.
That Tomato ******* head.
How you portrayed him, with your joy
all of you joy and with the underlying of your sadness
was his sadness
made him beautiful.
My heart cherishes your Spain, and cherishes you.
Its odd, how I remember your voice.
The exact tone, and that sometimes I hear it, or want to
and find myself remembering a time when
you spoke the words I love you
always, careful, but openly.
I miss you. I do. I think of you every passing day.
Its as if you were dead, good forbid it, far ahead it will come but for now its all the same.
You are gone from my life.
I'm sorry,
so sorry....
but no more regrets. I miss you my friend.
You were one of the best.
For Jerrica.
Written by
wulfhug27  USA, NY
(USA, NY)   
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