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Feb 2014
Dear father,
Forgive me, for I have sinned.
I gave my heart to a boy who kept girls like me on the bedside next to his watch.
You've got to understand that I didn't know the devil behind his innocent smile.
You made him, why did you use forests in his eyes and lightning in his fingertips? What made you decide you should throw every beautiful destruction in one man?
When did he fall into his ways? Was it when the girl he picked dandelions for kissed his best friend? Or the time his father cheated on his mother and he knew the roots of his creation were tainted?
Didn't you realize I would compare him to stars? You made him of constellations I had yet to discover, you threw thunder in the rumbles of his voice.
He wants to fly, you know that? He wants wings.
And I've always been in love with the sky.
Forgive me, for I have realized You should be groveling to me.
You made love seem as beautiful as rain, but it was a hurricane.
Why the **** did you think giving wings to a boy who only wanted to drown me in his "love" would bring me to repent to you?
beg for me, for I have no faith.
Heaven Dawn
Written by
Heaven Dawn
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