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Feb 2014
You had a way of curling your lips up, to resemble the gates of Heaven, Godly in the ****** of sorts.
You mummer when you think no one is listening, and you peel these words off your ribs, throwing them into the dust streaming through the hole in your bathroom ceiling.
I hear them, heard them all, collected them and watered my insecurities in them.
You flutter your eyes, and I can hear the stars fall at the thought of being behind your whispers.
Darling, you're only dreaming and I've lost all hope in being the object that keeps you grounded, I'm not in your roots.
I'm rushing rivers, and rain clouds, I'm only here to keep you alive, just until another dreamer comes along and plants you in her favorite place to die.
And darling, I'm only dreaming.
Heaven Dawn
Written by
Heaven Dawn
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