Sep 2010

FIREBIRD,,,,Firebird,,,, Winging thru the Air.    Colors of GOLD and FIFTY   more.   Wings are AGLOW with such a Radiant FIRE ,  That create a LIGHT  which  ETCHES the  SKY !    I wonder oh Mighty FIREBIRD,  are you a bird of distress?  OR:  Perhaps ONE who will be bringing to me Pillows of HAPPINESS ?   YOU Shine and Sparkle in the Sky like Diamonds HELD from Heaven !    FIREBIRD,,   Firebird,,  have You come to take me away ?   Put Me in the  OUTER-REACHES of the day ?   What can I say to such a GIFT,,   My Bird,, My Firebird,,  WING,,  WING AWAY ..     Is it "CLOUD-FLYING"  you're bringing  my way?   Will THERE BE *ROOM  for  Special Guests,  I REQUEST ! !    The FIREBIRD whose wings so Stir the Air,  As I wait for the ADVENTURE  to SEE that which has been UNSEEN !~!   HOW could ANYONE Believe that such a HEAVENLY ride Does Exist ?   I discovered YOU,  Just beyond that Rainbow.  AND   instead of answers brought to me,   I Found that ONLY Questions Dominated my MIND!'!   "AND"__An Overwhelming desire to Tell the World,   IF,  but by searching,   YOU CAN BE Found?   OH,,  Beautiful FIREBIRD,  WHERE oh Where do I Begin To TELL??

COPYRIGHT @ 2010 barnoahMike    Mike Ham
Written by
   Neva Flores Varga
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