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Feb 2014
FAUST. My sweet beloved child, don't misconceive
My meaning! Who dare says God's name?
Who dares to claim
That he believes in God?
And whose heart is so dead
That he has ever boldly said:
No, I do not believe?
Embracing all things,
Holding all things in being,
Does he not hold keep
You, me, even Himself?
Is not the heavens' great vault up there on high,
And here below, does not the earth stand fast?
Do everlasting stars, gleaming with love,
Not rise above us through the sky?
Are we not here and gazing eye to eye?
Oh, fill your heart right up with all of this,
And when you're brimming over the bliss
Of such a feeling, call it joy, or your heart, or love, or God!
I have no name for it. The feeling's all there is:
The name's mere noise and smoke - what does it do
But cloud the heavenly radiance?
Written by
Wes  UK
     Powers, Jess and Wes
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