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Feb 2014
I can't admit to having much to show
for all the pain that's left me here.

Worth as much as the fading of Autumn light,
or the memory of snow

Fleeting, if all consuming, the promise
of cult status
And sensitive, yet determined
(if sleepy) stands the catcher of the
Whims at the auditorium's open door.

...But it doesn't mean as much
as the first kiss of
Teenage lovers
after an ice-cream cone.

You could spend half a lifetime
searching for moments
that look like glossy photographs
And to hear your name whispered
behind your back-wherever you go.

If that sounds luminescent, it still won't solve a problem.

But what is "content"?
How far did I get?

In my prime
I was a Roadie for Boredoms
...and they were actually pretty nice guys.
Boredoms are a Japanese Experimental noise-rock band who enjoyed a substantial amount of press attention during the 1990's while supporting popular acts such as Nirvana and Sonic Youth, as well as appearing on the main stage at Lollapalooza '94. They were briefly singed to Warner Bros./Reprise Records and are often regarded as the most avant-garde music group to appear on a major U.S. label.
This poem is non-Autobiographical. However, if Boredoms would like me to do some crew work for them in the future, I'm sure that could be arranged.
Written by
Westley Barnes
   Carla Michelle and victoria
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