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Feb 2014
I miss having someone with whom I can share my deepest feelings, my hurts, my desires. I need to relieve this aching chest, this chest that tightens up without my noticing, until I begin to gasp. I need to cry; I need someone who knows my inside, and not my out. Its tough not being knownβ€”it is a situation one feels no need to prepare for, until it occurs. I desperately want to invite someone inβ€”though only someone that knocks first, someone that wants to be here. And I myself want to be welcomed into another, to understand and feel for someone else, as they feel for me. Here in this place, how do I make my knock heard? My knock is faint, and unfamiliar. I shall keep knocking nonetheless. And pray a door will be opened.
Written by
Gary Muir
   Anna, So Jo, Emily Tyler, P E Kaplan, --- and 17 others
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