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Feb 2014
She hides behind the blond dye in her hair
and the often-smearing black rings around her eyes
the greatest struggle in her life as of late
is in the groggy mornings, having to rise
out of bed to face the day and the people
she would really rather avoid

She is black and white
a pendulum
stuck swinging from one side
of the spectrum to the other
There is no gray
in her life, and so,
to compensate,
her mind short circuited
and sent fireworks to the sky
She tends to writing songs with names
that explain their purpose just outright
as if she knows she needs to help the world to understand
what’s going on inside her head, and to write
the names of bands she thinks are rather nice
along the edges of her wrists and hands

She drinks quite a lot of tea
for a girl of her size
and obsesses over bands and boys
she knows may never know her name
she spends most of her time
learning and writing songs on her guitar
and jotting down lovely ideas
for fantasies and wild adventures

She isn’t the type of girl
you think you would expect
but the things she does
surprise you,
and that’s all you really need
As unique a girl that she is
adds great moments to any day,
so search for them,
and cherish them,
because a girl like this
does not come as often as you’d like
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