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Jan 2014
My brain is constantly ticking,
Deep into the night.
Thoughts of what have been
and thoughts of what might.

With all the knowledge I possess
and all the years I've had
one cannot imagine
what becomes of good and bad.

That light shining through
could this be the Hope
of those loved and lost,
of those who cannot cope.

A human life time passes
but what does that mean?
You wouldn't begin to understand
the things I have seen.

My heart beating ever slower,
Life's centre core.
Is there something I have done
that I need to pay for.

Blood drains from my face
as you sit and gaze.
Eyes slightly off-centre,
almost in a daze.

Life isn't what you think it is.
Or maybe it is, I don't know.
Look upon me now, my child
and watch the horror show.
Alice Penny
Written by
Alice Penny
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