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Jan 2014
No snow days in the sunny states
But free bus rides to the other side
Climb, climb, climb …
The fruit is higher

Ignore the dead ones below
The pieces that dried up
Waiting to be picked

And what is picked besides guitars, noses and colorful roses?
Okay, so …  lots of things
But how they are picked – much more interesting!

An ocean full of notion
Notions to fill an ocean


I’d like to shower it out
Maybe hike a mountain and let loose a shout!


I don’t like leases

So Re- lease

Let go

No snow when the sun’s in town
No frowns when a smile’s around

Let’s take the underground and move it up a floor
I’m bored with being bored

You want to write a letter and mail it to space aliens with me?
Probably take a long *** time to get there
But, oh the look on their faces when they get it!

Worth the wait.

(c) 2014
Jack Piatt
Written by
Jack Piatt
     Zemyachis, st64, Guss, PrttyBrd, Malaikah Khan and 7 others
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