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Jan 2014
Make me famous
take my name and stake it in the ground
call me your savior
a blazing stranger
ranger of your unsaid thoughts
make me famous
give me the limelight
and kiss my picture each night
before you fall to sleep
only so you can dream of me
let me tell you how to be
how to live
how to give me your attention
while all the kids sitting in detention
quote my ****
make me famous
I’ll sell your shoes
I’ll be the brand logo of your clothing line
I’ll be the most loco average Joe shmo
to ever come winking across your television set
my Mind set is set in its ways
ready set go
and let the words flow poetic
so all the people can worship me: Pathetic
Make me famous
so I can reach apathetic kids
and convince them that I have all the answers they need
and for a small fee -
a tithe of everything you are -
I can teach you things you never knew you needed to know
while I drive my flashy, new car
I’ll crash it on the strip
flip a few bills to some cops
before blowing my intake at the *******
I’ll sell you a page of happiness for your soul
the sole survivor of a time the history books burned
my life takes a turn towards neon tribute
while I look for something a little stronger to shoot
If I were a little younger I’d probably be knocking on your front door
after your loot
looting words from the thin air and ****** them
making them state the statements that I hold dear
just so I can have your ear for a few minutes
and I’ll never be finished
long after my body is dead and gone
my name will be spoken in hushed tones
by young poets, scribblers, and thinkers
across the plains of save us
once they make me famous
Harry J Baxter
Written by
Harry J Baxter  Richmond
   r and ---
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