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Jan 2014
Fire is welcome heat to my scales, a sharp hot taste on my tongue. I am blood and stars with my breath alone I create suns, with my wings I command the wind.
I am a goddex of the cosmos, for as long as there are lights shimmering in the distance I will exist. No hero owns the right to take my life, for all those who would steal my blazing breath, I will extinguish theirs.
I am a creature of nobility as well as honor, of talons and light. I will claim the hatch-right that is mine.
Seas of lava will pour forth from my scaled lips, not a drop of my blood will be shed.
My scaly visage is pitch as night, red as the heart of a star, silver as starlight. I am divinity, a glimmering shield and hope of transcendence.
Demon they call me, monster, they fear my power
Kneel at my claws, or send warriors to purge my existence
Worship, hate, love
See the path to my caverns and perch, the large slabs of earth leading to my lair is carved through flame.

My spirit is unbreakable, as virtually indestructible as my armored flesh
I will viciously defend what I possess, what I love,
I am a catalyst for all, of hurricanes, of volcanoes
I create, I guard, I destroy..
I am inevitable.
Nina Messina
Written by
Nina Messina  27/Non-binary/Pittsburgh
   Austin B
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